Who is 700thousandkm?

700thousandkm in Umbrail pass in Switzerland

From the moment we meet, we are on the road with our passion to live in the world. Who is 700thousandkm, why do we hit the road?

Basak Bulut my history before cycling

700thousandkm in Swiss Alps

I was born in 1982 in Kirsehir. I came to Istanbul for the university and settled there for 20 years. After graduating from the Economics Department of Bogazici University, I started to work in global corporate companies like many young people do. I met with cycling when I was 27 and then resigned from my job, saying that the life could not go like this only going from home to work and coming back. The world is out there.

Who is 700thousandkm? Founder of Bisiklet Gezgini

After the 3-months Southeast Asia bicycle tour I came back to Turkey and I opened the first touring bike shop called Bicycle Traveler (Bisiklet Gezgini). And 2 years later I said that it will not be like that because we were just saying good bye to the international cyclists and looking behind them in the front door of the shop. I should have cycled not looking behind. I took myself to rest. Then I started to work mostly home based in a corporate company  for living expenses and meanwhile cycling, writing a book and creating YouTube and website contents for 700thousandkm.

700thousandkm in Stelvio Pass 2700m

Travel by bike

With my passion for traveling that started on the pages of Atlas magazines throughout my school life, I hit the road to experience the answers to my life inquiries. I traveled within Turkey and many places in Europe by airplanes, trains and buses as a tourist for short periods. Then, I discovered my passion for cycling and I went to a completely different dimension; travel by bike! My journeys, which started with a hundred km, continued as a thousand km. Not only in Turkey but also in Africa, Asia and Europe I cycled more than 60 thousand km with my bike. I found my bike, Exodus, in the 4th trial, which I will be exploring the earth.

I left my mark in many cities more than 30 countries. I want to step into every country in the world and get lost.

700thousandkm Stelvio pass Marco

Rahman Karatas (Marco)

Rahman Karatas (Marco) is called also “earth explorer”, who left the house saying that he is going to buy bread from groceries and started traveling at the age of 12. He followed the white lines of the main road passing in front of the house and touched people wherever he went, by leaving his traces. He is against everything  that is standard 🙂 While he amazes everyone with its extraordinary personality and incredible abilities, he only plans 7 hours and 7 days in life. And he wants to be everywhere in the world, to get involved in people and cultures, to live with coins. However, he believes that he will be immortal on the road and he wants all the surprises of the road.

700thousandkm Marco in Swiss Alps

Who is 700thousandkm? Born to travel

“If you don’t do what you have to do, you can’t do what you want to do! But you always stay what they want you to do it because what you have to do is always what someone else wants you  to do. The person with 8 seconds life in the universe has already forgotten that he will die.”

Survive against ambitions, unhappiness, taking life seriously, and worrying about the future! What if breathing is a disease? What if we actually live when we are asleep? What if sleep is the real life? Marco, who makes the routine of surviving and getting out of the loop by opening the perceptions of the roads, lives by laughing and producing every moment!

 700thousandkm – Couple life in the world

700thousandkm in North of Italy

Basak and Marco, we laugh from the moment we meet, doesn’t the energy of life come from being able to laugh at everything?

The first time we looked at each other without blinking our eyes, “the earth traveler Marco” said, let’s enter South America together with our loaded bicycles! And the tick tock of 700thousandkm started to beat.

Who is 700thousandkm?

7 0 0 thousand k m? Does it fit in a lifetime? If we make an average of 100 km per day (good chance), it means 36,000 km per year, which means 19 years … On a planet where an average world cycling traveler is rarely seen on the road for more than 5 years, these are such entertainer movements …

We are on the road, every opportunity we find.

Are we going to count? Yes, we will count every kilometer.

Are we going to write? Yes, we will write every touch of the road.

And the roads are not only those decorated with white lines!

There are not just lands to visit!

700thousandkm in Passo dello Stelvio 2756m

We will be blended with each continent by our feet and wheels, while we are exploring each piece of the land on earth one by one. Here ‘7’ comes from there.

Somewhere in the middle of the road, we will dive into the oceans and join the universe for a moment we do not know.

The road to the beginning of the end!

Everything must have a story! We have it, and this story is written on the road, on the train, on the bus, while walking, standing, breathing!

700thousandkm Basak and Marco Andalucia cycling tour

In 700thousandkm ‘life in the world with bicycles’, we will get lost somewhere in the universe with our children Exodus (Basak’s idworx oPinion BLT) and EGO (Marco’s idworx oPinion BLT) without having a country that we do not touch in the world.

In our 700binkm YouTube channel you can see our idworx factory visit in Wachtberg Germany in November 2018 to get our idworx oPinion BLT bikes:

To learn more about idworx bikes that we are the brand ambassador you can visit 12 reasons article in our blog.

We love being in the world whenever we want, not others!

Life is actually a journey on the road!