ICP – idworx colour program

idworx colour program

As you know, Idworx bike did not offer so many options about colors while making a simple but technologically perfect bike. When purchasing the black color bike (or the main color set for that year) without paying any difference, you could get the alternative color by paying a small difference. But now there is the ICP – idworx colour program.

idworx colour program
idworx colour program

Idworx bicycles are colorful with ICP

Contrary to idworx’s traditionalist attitude, with ICP-Idworx colour program they left many high quality bicycle brands behind and offered 208 color options. This move revolutionized the Idworx 2020 bicycle catalog. Our bicycle brand, which stands out in details and perfection, has been offering the user a few color options for a long time, while offering almost unlimited color scale by 2020. When you decide to buy a new Idworx, you can choose your bike paint in any color tone you want.

idworx in pink colour

The photo you see above belongs to a pink idworx. In comparison to the traditional colors that the brand has chosen in the past, shipping the pink color frame from the factory could have shocked an idworx brand fan in the 2010s.

RAL K5 colour pallet

You can make your idworx bike completely special for you by deciding from the 208 colors in the RAL K5 classic color palette to your favorite color and 10 different letters for the idworx brand name on the frame.

How nice to see idworx All rohler in light orange!

Idworx color program fee

Idworx, which offers 2 options as glossy or silk mat as the surface, only requires an extra 300 Euros for this fee. You have countless possibilities to design your Idworx bike. Idworx works with a staff paint company that does quality work. The company is in Germany and the paint method used is powder coating.

idworx oPinion BLT in light blue color

ICP – idworx colour program – Germany

Before the idworx color program, idworx bicycle frames were painted in the frame manufacturer and came to the factory. Now aluminum naked frames are sent to the paint company according to customer demand. Maybe it takes a little more time for your idworx to reach you, but idworx comes to you in a stylish style.

idworx allrohler in green colour

What does ICP offer besides color?

idworx bikes have a variety of bike models suitable for different purposes. You can choose the color, font and surface application you want for all of the models you see below within the scope of the ICP – idworx color program.

idworx grandone light green

Idworx bicycle models with ICP- Idworx colour program

idworx oPinion BLT white colour

It is now up to you to customize your idworx bikes. How about ordering an oPinion BLT now? Would you like to know our 700binkm oPinion BLTs? We have been cycling with idworx oPinion BLTs since late 2018. Before that, we were cycling with lovely idworx off rohler for many years. Click for the article that we examined the model in detail.

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