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How to mount bike first aid kit to back roller?

700binkm ortlieb first aid kit mount

In any kind of short or long bicycle tours there is always a risk associated with adventure. Especially if we are out on uneven terrain or isolated areas that are hard for the emergency services to reach. According to us a mini first aid kit should always be with us when we ride. 99.9 % of the time we just carry them, but for such a small risk it is worth to have them with us all times. Do you want to learn how to mount bike first aid kit to back roller?

ortlieb first aid kit ready to mount

Why we chose Ortlieb bike first aid kit?

There are plenty around that are light enough and small enough for us to forget they’re even there — until we need them that is. Whether we suffer a small scratch or end up meeting the gravel, we won’t regret having a kit with us.

We preferred Ortlieb bike first aid kit who covers almost everything that we need for our world trip or lets say lifetime bicycle journey.

Ortlieb’s waterproof PU-coated nylon pouch is the best on most of the tests. The roll-top and bungee fastenings are secure but easy to access, even one-handed. Additional fixing straps mean we can attach it to various parts of our bike/pack/body and keep it within easy reach.

ortlieb bike first aid kit inside

It’s the only kit on test to include a survival blanket, and also contains some good-quality gloves, luckily! But anyhow we add small details that we need extra that could be personal to anyone.

The content in details;

name of the product : First Aid Cycling
manufacturer : Ortlieb
material : PS21
weight : 570 g
Parts : 
Surgery Gloves, first aid packet x2, sticking plaster 5 m, first aid instructions multilingual, wound pads x2, set plaster strips, gauge bandage, Rescue blanket 220 x 160 cm, dressing bandage steril, Adhesive bandage pack x 8, scissors, elastic dressing, tick tweezers, Grip tubular bandage, container for eye shower, wound cleaning brush
size : 17 x 18 x 10 cm : 2.0 l
advice : All around the world !

700binkm ortlieb bike first aid kit mount

How to mount bike first aid kit to back roller?

We’re talking about the First-Aid-Kits. As Ortlieb says “Good if you don’t need them, better if they are there when you need them.”  ORTLIEB’s waterproof First-Aid-Kits are available in specialized variations and with contents adapted to various sports. That’s why we chose the biker version and it covers special details for us like for knees etc.

Our main topic anyhow is where to put first aid kit to immediate reach. Our research and development department manager Marco has some crazy ideas. He thinks that we need first aid kit out on the back rollers to be quick reach to have any immediate need- hope not!

idworx ortlieb bike first aid kit


He did some brainstorming and come to a point that why not to mount it like an outer pocket bag on the back side of the back roller. We already have outer pocket bags in hand both small and medium size. And we started to do the measurements if we can fit the assembly parts to the bike first aid kit. In the photos below you will see that it perfectly fits.

If you also want to mount your first aid kit which is water proof like Ortlieb bike first aid kit, you need to purchase outer pocket bag and take its assembly parts out to mount it to first aid kit which is used inside of the outer bag. There is assembly parts which only includes assembly kit to put the outer bag to back roller pannier not for the outer bag internal. This assembly kit is around 5 euros.

ortlieb outer pocket mounting set

How to mount bike first aid kit to back roller?

1-Measure the width and balance the upper piece in to the middle.

ortlieb first aid kit mount measure

2-Drill the upper holes

ortlieb first aid kit drill inside

3-Measure the length and mark the balanced middle points on both sides and drill

ortlieb first aid kit 1.measurement

4-Control and measure the drill points on both sides

ortlieb first aid kit mount 4 drills

5- Be sure that your drilling points are on the tolerances

ortlieb first aid kit mount measurements

We also prepared a detailed video for the cyclists who wants to mount the first aid kit to back roller.

The outer pocket mounting set has its own paper pattern to guide you where to drill on both the first aid kit and the back roller. If you follow the pattern, it is easier. But anyhow if you have any questions, anything that we can help please contact us through comments or direct e-mail or any of our social media accounts. We are ready to help! Enjoy your journey with easiest access to first aid kit!

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