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Shall we get to know the idworx oPinion BLT?

The idworx oPinion BLT has everything we want to do by bike. idworx oPinion BLT adventure bikes are as durable, low-maintenance and reliable as trekking group bikes, as well as improved terrain capability. It is designed to explore distant and difficult areas and get lost on roads and paths. More and more people go out of the asphalt road with their bicycles; between rivers, lava plains in Iceland, curved passages of the Alps, Black Sea plateaus or Moroccan deserts. The more extreme and adventurous, the better. While we are making a new route, as 700thousandkm, we definitely choose tough peaks from the most dangerous roads in the world. To learn how we plan our route, you can check out our cycling route blog post.

idworx oPinion BLT frame geometry

The frame geometry was developed inspired by the mountain bike. The upper tube is closer to the ground, the frame triangle is narrow. By leaving a large distance between the fender and the wheel, we also include routes that can be made with gravel or fat bike. The narrow triangle of the frame increases control on all types of ground. The wide choice of wheels increases grip on slippery surfaces and provides a more comfortable ride on all road types and creates extra suspension.

idworxbikes slogan: “Ride it all, all the time” With idworx oPinion BLT, we add “anywhere” to them. idworx oPinion BLT is the result of Gerrit Gaastra’s ideal adventure bike vision and optimized to explore all corners of the world. With its solid aluminum frame, off-road geometry, low-maintenance Pinion gear system and mountain bike wheels, idworx oPinion BLT is your ideal partner for the toughest off-road bike adventures. Recently idworx has launched ICP – idworx colour program that you can choose any of 208 colours for your idworx bike frame and even choose letter type for the logo and finish type.


What is hidden in the name of idworx oPinion BLT?

idworx OPinion BLT is named after the ‘Boulders, Logs and Trees‘ mountain biking trail on Cypress mountain in West Vancouver, Canada, where Gerrit Gaastra rides with mountain bikes many times before idworx times. Do not confuse the meaning of the letters ‘BLT’ with the sandwich ‘bacon, lettuce and tomato’! According to Gerrit Gaastra, these acronyms mean “rocks, stumps and trees” with the Idworx oPinion BLT. It is noteworthy that today’s oPinion BLT is more suitable for this tough ride than the best mountain bikes of the past!


idworx oPinion BLT versions

BLT is available in two versions, and therefore Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde emerge as book characters. The multi version is the most comprehensive and ‘socially gifted’ variant of the two. It has 29-inch wheels with 57mm semi-offroad tires and 12-speed (Pinion C1.12) and is therefore suitable for general conditions. If there are roads that are really hard to go around, then let the Mr. Hyde character get out of you and choose with 27.5 PLUS wheels with 70mm wide off-road tires.

Below, we describe the most specific common features of both idworx oPinion BLT configurations.

idworx opinion blt sportif kadro dizaynı

Sporty trekking frame

OPinion BLT has a sporty frame design. The rigid frame is not only designed to carry a lot of luggage, mountain bike-like geometry also makes BLT a maneuverable machine.

All of the cables work with beautiful, wide curves on the outside to avoid unnecessarily weakening the idworx frame with holes. The cable line is well thought out so that no cable will cause abrasion spots on the paint.

As with all other Idworx models, the handlebar stopper has a twist protection that prevents the frame, headlight and cables from being damaged by falling. There is no unnecessary luxury in this off-road BLT!


Pinion C1.12 and P1.18 gear system

Both the oPinion BLT Multi and Extreme come standard with a C1.12 gearbox, with steps between 12 speeds, 600% and 17.7% gears.

With intermediate steps of 636% larger and 11.5% smaller, the P1.18 transmission is optional.

Chain or belt

There is an ongoing debate between Gerrit Gaastra and other leaders in the trekking bike industry about Idworx’s relatively recent carbon belt against its extra hardened steel gears with KMC chain. Carbon belt drive against Ferro steel transfer!

Gerrit Gaastra was a professional Ferro pro, with or without chain guard. Those who have had experience with carbon belt drive from the start have a huge admiration for Carbon Drive. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of kilometers were peeled and tested with the carbon belt. Now you can decide for yourself which transfer is best for you, because both systems are now available ex-factory on all Idworx models.


29 “or 27.5” wheels

BLT Multi has the same rims as the 29-inch mountain bike. These perform well on most off-road surfaces, but this wheel type also goes smoothly on asphalt.

BLT Extreme has smaller 27.5-inch wheels with thicker tires that allow you to better control the toughest conditions.

The total wheel circumference is almost the same in both cases.


Disc brakes

It took a long time for the disc brake to be accepted in the trekking bike world. However, due to the rapid developments in the mountain bike market, disc brakes have become increasingly reliable. The benefits began to outweigh the disadvantages. When even Gerrit Gaastra decided to apply them to All Rohler and later on oPinion models, disc brakes quickly became widespread on trekking bikes.

idworx OPinion BLT is mostly used as a mountain bike, and good disc brakes are definitely not an unnecessary luxury. Both versions of the OPinion BLT come standard with Shimano Deore Trekking disc brakes. They brake very well, but it can always be better. With Idworx’s 203mm wide and 3mm thick brake discs, special heavy duty Large Disc brakes that combine the brake arms and calipers of the tried and tested Hope V2 brake system are highly recommended.

idworx opinion blt alberts neodrive system

OPinion BLT is ready for E-bike!

If you have purchased an idworx oPinion BLT throughout your life, you don’t need another bike. idworx oPinion BLT is built to cover most of your life, and it’s good to know that for some reason you don’t need to get rid of your loyal travel companion when you need an E-bike. Just electrify.

Idworx works with Alber’s Neodrives system. This system consists of a rear-wheel drive engine, a battery in the bottom tube, a computer in the middle of the handlebars, and control buttons on the handlebars. The electrical system can be installed at the factory or a few years after use.

Titanium frame option

For fans, the oPinion BLT with virtually indestructible titanium frame is among the options: idworx oPinion Ti BLT.

Ti BLT is basically a mountain bike optimized for bike tours where adventurous off-road riding is more intense. With its strong titanium frame, off-road geometry, low maintenance Pinion gear system, mountain bike wheels and many durable and refined idworx details, oPinion Ti BLT has become a superior discovery bike.

We are as 700thousandkm, idworx brand ambassador. During our visit to the idworx Bike Basics factory in November 2018, we received our idworx oPinion BLT bikes.

You can visit our 700binkm YouTube channel for our factory visit and idworx 2019 collection.