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Since 2013, we have traveled many times  in many places around the world on our idworx bicycles as 700thousandkm. These journeys included off road rides, difficult climbs and downhills in snowy, rainy weather. We would like to thank Gerrit Gaastra and all the idworx team for our idworx bikes that have passed all kinds of tests. They are trying to make more perfect bicycles every day. We wanted to share 12 reasons to choose idworx bikes which have a great design and excellent performance by sharing directly the original content from idworxbikes website.

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12 Reasons


idworx bicycles are built to the highest level of quality, focusing on every detail to make technically evolved cycling machines.

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All idworx frames have a long warranty:

6 years on all Mountain Bike aluminum frames

10 years on all aluminum frames for trekking / adventure / gravel / electric bikes

15 years on all titanium frames.

3.Comprehensive concept

We not only develop our frames and forks ourselves, but also many of the components to create extremely high-quality standards – everything works in harmony for ultimate performance!

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idworx is the undisputed number one bicycle for travel and trekking. For almost twenty years, idworx has been rated first in countless German and Dutch magazine tests and has always won the readers’ award for the “Best Brand” in “Trekking Bike” magazine.

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idworx continues to pioneer in the development of trekking bikes inventing the carefree-bicycle concept. We are the only manufacturer in the world that constructs its own components and continuously optimizes the durability of its bikes for extremely long service-life.

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Through GG concepts, Gerrit Gaastra has successfully consulted a number of firms over the past 25 years instigating trends including the balloon tires which can be found on many trekking bikes used today.

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Gerrit is the fourth generation of high-quality bicycle manufacturing. Over 100 years ago, the Gaastra family started the brand Batavus. Gerrit’s parents then created the brand Koga Miyata and today the Gaastra family tradition continues through idworx.

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8.Qualified dealers

Our sales depend on our highly qualified dealers, who are able to give personalized advice to help you find your perfect bike.

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9.Complete assembly

idworx delivers all their bikes perfectly assembled to the dealer, who only need to straighten the handle bars and screw on the pedals.

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We all love and live bicycles constantly riding and testing our products!


We are the “independent bikery with a cycling heart” and have no external management or investors who are more interested in high profits than excellent products.

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12.Customer friendly

We are focused on providing customer orientated services, like “Drop by Fridays” where you can visit the factory and test-ride our bike or “Speak to Gerrit” where you can directly communicate with Gerrit to ask questions, criticize or give suggestions about our bikes.

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12 reasons to buy idworx bikes is a great summary of “independent bikery with a cycling heart”.

In our 700thousandkm YouTube channel you can see our idworx factory visit in Wachtberg Germany in November 2018 to get our idworx oPinion BLT bikes:

and you can also watch another video that covers all the bikes and parts we have reviewed at the idworx factory showroom.

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